The Fifth Anniversary of Death of Dzenan Memic, the heroic Fight of the Family for Justice continues

Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of the death of Dzenan Memic, and only recently progress has been made in the investigation, which, as his family hopes, will lead to the discovery of the killers.

Memic was attacked in Velika Aleja in Ilidza on February 8th, 2016, after which he passed away on February 15th at the Clinical Center in Sarajevo, Klix.ba writes.

On the occasion of the anniversary of his death, the people from the Facebook page Justice for Dzenan Memic (Pravda za Dzenana Memica) announced themselves yesterday.

“Many beautiful memories, full of laughter and joy remain. You remain among us, and you left us so young. But hope and faith remain. Hope that we will soon see all those responsible behind the bars. Faith that we will meet there again. See you, our friend, and until then we keep you in our hearts,” it was published, among other things, on the mentioned page.

The investigation took so much time to move forward. However, at the beginning of February, two persons suspected of organized crime were officially arrested during a SIPA operation, who were in connection with the covering-up of a criminal offense, more precisely the circumstances under which Memic was killed.

Hasan Dupovac, the former head of the Traffic Accident Department of the Canton Sarajevo (CS) Ministry of the Internal Affairs, and Zijad Mutap, the father of Alisa Mutap, who was present during the attack on Dzenan, were arrested.

It is hoped that these arrests will be an introduction to the final clarification of this case.

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