The first Presentation of BH Economy in Taiwan

mostar fair2Chairman of the Foreign Trade Chamber of B&H, Nemanja Vasic, was in an official visit to Taiwan with his associates at from 22nd to 27th June 2015 at the invitation of the Representative Office of Taiwan in Budapest and the Chinese International Economic Cooperation Association (CCIECA). This is the first visit of the business delegation and the first direct presentation of our economy at this market.

Vasic and his associates held meetings with leaders of CIECA and high officials of Taiwan in order to intensify the current business cooperation and create preconditions for signing an agreement in the field of the foreign trade and economic relations.

Besides mentioned meetings, president Vasic also attended a seminar in the organization of CIECA on the theme “Opportunities for a business cooperation in B&H“, and presented the economy of B&H, its most important sectors and opportunities offered by our market to Taiwan companies, in front of numerous representatives of Taiwan companies.

Vasic also met with the representatives of the Association of frozen meat producers and 10 companies from the meat industry, and visited the Science park Hsinchu with his associates.

Since the 25th International Food Fair “Food Taipei“ was held at that time, this visit was an opportunity to present the economy of B&H at one International fair in Taiwan for the first time.

Otherwise, the fair lasted from 24th to 27th June, and was held in the Fair hall of the World Trade Center in Taipei. Within the Fair, several other fair activities were held: Fair of the Food Technology, Fair of the Technology for Food Packaging, Fair of the Hotel Industry and Cooking and the Fair of Halal Products.


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