The first Vegan Concept Store opened in Sarajevo

The first vegan concept store “Zdravo (Healthy)” was opened in the settlement of Miljacka in Sarajevo (Dzemala Bijedica Street number 160 F). It is a place where you can socialize, cook, learn and talk about healthy food, as well as take some healthy groceries and even natural cosmetics.

The whole approach is holistic, and thus “Healthy” is not just a coffee shop with a “healthy food” but a place for relaxed and intimate gathering with plant-based diet, along with information and support for personal change, i.e. starting with healthy habits, as noted from this newly-opened concept store.

Fresh fruits and vegetables in “Healthy” are carefully selected from domestic suppliers, and there is no prepared food since they are preparing the ingredients themselves.

Thus, you can prepare daily fresh herbal milk, chia pudding, hazelnuts, granola, and many other delicacies on your own. The recipes include whole foods of plant origin, while refined salt, sugar and flour are not used.

All recipes are vegan, which means without any ingredients of animal origin, i.w. without meat and meat products, including chicken, fish, milk and dairy products, honey and pollen. They are offering cold-squeezed juices with the largest utilization of fruit and vegetables, then ice cream made of fruits with which there is no need to count calories, chia pudding with naturally sweetened raspberry jam and fresh and unpasteurized herbal milk, without preservatives.

They offer alternative methods of preparing coffee arabica for all coffee lovers, such as cold brew, pour over and french press. And all the others will be able to enjoy a warm blend of “reishi” drink, which is prepared from mushrooms, matcha latte or macca latte.

“We are following the concept, and it has been in me for a long time. My parents took care of our diet, we always ate whole foods and avoided processed food, refined sugar and white flour. Thus, I read a lot, obtained new knowledge, tried different nutrition regimens etc. Three years ago, I launched the ‘Maki Makaron’ page with the aim to gather Bosnian recipes in one place so that readers can easily find these recipes and make some healthy choices. The response to Maki Makaron page was very good and we decided to realize the idea of relaxed and intimate gathering with plant-based nutrition, and to offer information and support for personal change, i.e. beginning with healthy habits,” said Maja Pilav, manager of this concept store.

(Source: klix.ba)


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