The Hague rejected the Request for Appeal of Naser Orić

12746592_1108250069225948_692658485_nThe Hague Tribunal rejected the request by the former General of the Army of the Republic of BiH Naser Orić, who appealed to the decision by which the request for termination of the procedure launched against him before the Court of BiH was rejected.

The President Theodor Meron stated that Orić’s appeal was rejected because the defense “did not prove that there was a mistake in interpretation of laws in the decision”.

The request by Orić’s attorneys to terminate the procedure against him before the Court of BiH for war crimes committed at the territories of Bratunac and Srebrenica because he has already been tried for those crimes in Hague, was rejected by the court of the Mechanism for International Tribunals in Haag Liu Daqun in December last year.

Daqun stated that Orić was found not guilty on command responsibility in Srebrenica, while the charges pressed against him in BiH refer to the allegations that Orić personally killed one person in the village of Zalazje and, together with another member of the ARBiH, killed two more people in a village near Bratunac, which means that the cases are “completely different”.

Orić’s defense requested the permission to appeal to that decision, highlighting that there were irregularities in the work of prosecutors, as well as that the Hague investigators had possessed all evidence regarding the case before the Court in BiH while the process in the Tribunal was on.

However, Meron stated in the decision that the defense’s attitudes do not show that these acts are same or similar.

(Source: klix.ba)

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