Sea-Air via Osijek to connect Mostar with Germany?

airplaneThe skyway Osijek-Mostar will start on the 31st of August, as announced exclusively for Bljesak.info by the spokeswoman for the company Sea-Air, Ivana Maksimov.

”Since the airline company “Sea Air” connects Osijek with German cities Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart, this is a great opportunity to connect B&H with these cities,’’ said Maksimov, adding that in this way Osijek will become certain type of air junction between B&H and Germany.

She emphasized that the desire and plan of Sea Air is to create a small but powerful regional air center that will meet the requirements of clients from Slavonia as well as the requirements of neighboring regions and neighboring countries such as B&H.

”This way, it is planned to improve the whole region, open new job places and develop this unfairly neglected part of Europe,” said Maksimov.

Airline company Sea-Air started with the first flights and charter flights in cooperation with the airport of Mostar in B&H. More than 130 pilgrims were transported from Italy and the surrounding area to Mostar by the Sea Air’s Boeing 737. Passengers than continued their trip to Medjugorje by busses.

Sea-Air plans to continue with this cooperation in the future, and some other destinations such as Sicily and Kuwait, that have been announced.

”Cooperation of Sea Air with B&H does not end here. This market has been identified as great opportunity for new flights,” stated Maksimov.


(Source: akta.ba)

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