Despite the Mayor’s Opposition, the Citizens of Mostar raised a large Palestinian Flag on the Old Bridge

With the large flag of Palestine on the Old Bridge, the symbol of Mostar, the citizens of the largest Herzegovinian city expressed their support for the people in a far country that is suffering the consequences of Israel’s aggressive politics.

It is interesting to mention that the people of Mostar did not get the approval of the city authorities for such an action.

“Even though a group of citizens who addressed the City Administration and the Mayor did not get their approval to illuminate the Old Bridge with the colors of the Palestinian flag, another informal group of citizens decided to put the Palestinian flag at the Old Bridge and thus express Mostar’s solidarity with innocent victims and their families, ” told this group of citizens.

They also say that you don’t need to be Muslim to stand up for Palestine, you just need to be human!, Klix.ba writes.


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