The handball Premier League of B&H

The handball Premier League of B&H was continued last week with the matches of the 12th round. The leading teams played well, so there were no changes at the top of the ranking list.

Goražde celebrated its victory against Prijedor, while Gradačac was very successful during their visit in Mostar, where they played against the handball team Zrinjski. The match ”without defense” was played between the teams of Gračanica and Sarajevo ”Bosna”.

There are no significant changes at the bottom of the ranking list. The team from Kakanj lost against Konjuh, verifying their renunciation from the fiercest part of the competition.

These are the results of the 12th round of matches:

Čapljina – Deventa 32:31, Kakanj – Konjuh 24:28, Goražde – Prijedor 35:32, Gračanica – Bosna Sarajevo 41:39, Zrinjski – Gradačac 31:36, Krivaja – Leotar 21:20, Bosna Visoko – Čelik 35:29.
The teams that will play against each other in the 13th round are:

Bosna Sarajevo against Čapljina, Konjuh against Gračanica, Gradačac against Kakanj, Čelik against Zrinjski, Leotar against Bosna Visoko, Prijedor against Krivaja and Derventa against Goražde.

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