The Mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Janković: ” Introduce Bosnia and Herzegovina to the EU via a decree”

The Mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Janković thinks that Bosnia and Herzegovina should be introduced to the EU via a decree.

In an interview for a Sarajevo daily newspaper ” Dnevni avaz”, Janković said that the crucial thing for Bosnia and Herzegovina is to improve manufacture, and to increase the number of working positions, in order for the people to have a better perspective.

” We came to Sarajevo together with ”Mercator” and we think we helped create a positive story out of it. ”Mercator” now employs more than 1.5000 people.  So, several years ago we came with a European offer to Sarajevo and showed that this city and Bosnia and Herzegovina are certainly a righteous part of Europe”- said the Mayor Janković in an interview for ”Dnevni avaz”.

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