The New Settlement: Investors from the Emirates to construct Luxury Villas

12782101_1733881540181856_402951652_nAccording to the announcements of the construction company “Green Valley” from the United Arab Emirates, in the capital city of BiH should start the implementation of new large construction project of building a luxury resort near Vogosca, not far away from the settlement Svrake.

The company announced yesterday that after the completion of several large projects in Turkey, they will start with two new projects, in BiH and Morocco. According to the president of the company Wiaam Mahmoud Rabah, they will be constructing luxurious villas.

“New project in Sarajevo is strategically located in Vogosca, one of the highest peaks in the city. It will be a big step forward for the company in the booming real estate market in this region, in which the interest of investors is increased,” said Rabah, adding that the characteristics of this project will be incomparable to the other and that they expect huge demand, same as earlier projects of this company in the UAE and Turkey.

The detailed characteristics of the announced projects can be found on the official website of the company. As stated there, the residential complex will be built on the area of 73,000 m2, where will be placed a total of 98 villas and 368 apartments.

“The settlement will include entertainment services and business part. Restaurants, cafes and shopping centers will be opened, and visitors will be able to enjoy walking through the neighborhood and enjoy views of the illuminated fountains that will be placed along the promenade,” as stated in the description.

Moreover, terrains for various sports, children’s playgrounds and kindergartens will be built as well as outdoor and indoor swimming pools, and there will be a 24-hour security.

Locations around the resort are especially emphasized as well as proximity to the airport and the city center, which can be reached in 15 minutes of car drive. Clean air and greenery that will surround the luxury apartments and villas are emphasized as additional advantage.


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