The number of women working the police forces has increased

The number of women employed in the police structures in BiH since 2010 was increased from six to 12.5 percent, and significant advances in this field were achieved in the framework of the defence structure.

This fact was pointed out at the meeting in Sarajevo at which the results in the implementation of Resolution 1325 in BiH were presented.

The event was organized by the Ministry of Security of BiH, in cooperation with the Coordination Committee of the Council of Ministers of BiH to monitor the implementation of the Action Plan Resolution and the Agency for Gender Equality.

BiH adopted in 2010 the Action Plan for the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 – Women, Peace and Security, and thus becoming the first country in South Eastern Europe that created the preconditions for the implementation of international obligations in this regard.

The deputy security minister Mladen Ćavar said that the ministry is investing significant efforts in the process of inclusion of women in the security sector.

He called on all institutions to continue the implementation of activities under the Action Plan, adding that the priority for the coming year is the harmonization of laws and regulations to the Law on Gender Equality.


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