The Premiere of the Play “Na Rubu Svemira” on 8 November at Sarajevo National Theater

na_rubu_svemiraThe dramatic play “Na rubu svemira” (on the edge of universe) is created by a group of young authors from B&H and based on the character from the neighborhood, which travels through the small universe. The play will have its premiere on 8 November at the National Theater in Sarajevo.

Dragan Komadina, Adnan Lugonić, Dario Bevanda, Naida Lindov and Aida Pilav wrote the script of this play and the idea originated from the Academy of the Performing Arts, and Almir Imširević initiated for this idea to be implemented at the National Theater.

“The challenge by everyone who worked on this play was to unite into one the texts of five different people with different sensibilities that one character Dino, played by Vedran Đekić to be unique and consistent with all the texts”, stated the Director of the Show Marko Misirača.

The play will be repeated on 13 November at the National Theater in Sarajevo.

(Source: Fena)

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