The Restriction of Working Hours for all Business Entities in the Canton Sarajevo has been abolished

By the conclusion of the Government of the Canton Sarajevo (CS) from yesterday’s session, and due to the favorable epidemiological situation, the measure of limited working hours to all business entities in the CS was abolished. This conclusion was valid from yesterday.

The order of the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) on abolishing the ban on movement, ie curfew in this entity, which was valid from yesterday, is also valid for the CS.

Also, in accordance with the federal order, as of yesterday, the CS is allowed to gather no more than 30 people indoors, and no more than 70 people outside, with a mandatory physical distance of at least two meters.

From May 24th, the students of the first grades of high schools will attend classes based on the combined model.

The CS Government concluded yesterday that classes will continue until the end of the school year as it was the case so far, with the change that first-grade high school students will attend classes according to the combined model, starting on Monday, May 24th this year.

The Ministry of Education forwarded this conclusion to all elementary and high schools, as the Protocol and Press Service of the CS announced.

“We continue to record a favorable epidemiological situation in CS, which results in the further easing of measures. There are three weeks left until the end of the school year. We are aware that part of the first-grade high school students will attend school for two weeks, and the other part of the students only one week. We point out that the goal of this change is to enable our first-grade students to come to school, to socialize and prepare for the normalization of the situation and the return of all students to school, ” it was said in the explanation by the Ministry of Education.

Other hygienic-epidemiological measures, that were previously established by the CS Government, remain unchanged.

The Government and the Crisis Staff of the CS Ministry of Health thank the citizens and ask them to continue to respect other measures, to maintain this favorable epidemiological situation.


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