The Return of an Old BH Economy Giant

The space of the former wood industry “Sjemec” from Rogatica is slowly but surely returning the old glow, and the preparation of working space and the purchase of raw materials for the production of pellet, which should start before the end of the month, should begin very soon.

Modern equipment for the production of pellet, whose value amounts to around one million BAM, was purchased in Italy and they are waiting for its delivery, after which will start the production of four tons of pellets per day.

Miroslav Jankovic, one of the owners of the company “DMM” from Pljesevica near Rogatica, which purchased property of the former wood industry “Sjemec” in bankruptcy, stated that they are planning to hire around 20 new workers.

Jankovic purchased the property of “Sjemec” together with his father Dragisa and his brother Milan, which used to employ more than 700 workers before the war. Jankovics allocated 2.5 million BAM for the former giant, and they promised to revitalize the wood industry in Rogatica.

The process of cleaning objects and space that included 11 hectares of land with built and unbuilt buildings lasted for days. They are currently preparing the pellet factory, as well as the plan for revival of the industry.

Jankovics, who have their own factory mills, expect for their promises to be realized by the end of the month. Moreover, they are preparing for the renovation of carpentry factory and the production of furniture. That is the second phase of the development plan of this company.

“For the third phase we are planning to construct a residential-business building with 40 apartments for our workers, noted Jankovic.





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