The RS Ministry of the Internal Affairs wants to procure heavy Weapons, the OHR says they must justify its Use

After the Republika Srpska (RS) Ministry of the Internal Affairs (MIA) recently submitted a request to state institutions seeking approval for the procurement of certain weapons that fall into the “heavy” category, the Office of the High Representative (OHR) also announced.

The primary role of the RS police, like any other police force, is to maintain public peace and order on behalf of the vast majority of law-abiding citizens of RS.

“The question that should the RS authorities be asked is why they think it is necessary to procure such heavy weapons of military rank for their police forces and what is the security threat that would justify the use of such deadly weapons,” the OHR told to agency FENA when asked about the additional armament of the MIA of RS.

To recall, information has appeared in the media in recent days that the MIA of RS recently sent a request to few relevant addresses (state ministries and institutions) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) requesting permission to import a 12.7 caliber Rogue Lite combat station and Rogue Lite – combat units on remote control caliber 7.62 mm. According to this request, the end use of the subject goods is placement and installation on the vehicle made by the “Technical remont” in Bratunac, while following the obligations from the purchase contract concluded between the “Technical remont” and the MIA of RS.

“The RS authorities should offer a public and transparent explanation, especially in the period when the available funds should be directed towards fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and mitigating the economic consequences that still affect the population,” said the OHR, Klix.ba writes.


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