The Session of the House of Representatives of FB&H Parliament Today and Tomorrow

predstavnicki-dom1The Chairman Fehim Škaljić announced that today and tomorrow will be held the regular session of the House of Representatives of the FB&H Parliament. Among others, in the agenda will be the proposal of the Parliamentary Commission for the authentic interpretation of Article 5 of the Law on the Commission for financial shares.

“This law refers to the terms of the members of the Commission for financial shares and the proposal of parliamentary commission is created in collaboration with the Office of the High Representative and is innovated based on the earlier proposal of the FB&H Government, which has not been approved by Parliament”, said Škaljić.

He also noted that the federal Prime Minister Nermin Nikšić has initiated that in the today’s agenda to include the draft law on Ministerial, Government and other appointments, the text is also determined in collaboration with the Office of the High Representative.

Škaljić stated that he will propose at today’s session to support the declaration request from parents of Konjević Polje.

(Source: Klix.ba)

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