Center for Culture: Realization of Project ‘Get to know and love ballet’

baletThe final concert of the project ‘get to know and love ballet’ is announced for tomorrow for students of the elementary school “Hasan Kikić in Sarajevo.

The concert will be held in the Center for Culture in Jelića street, announced the Center. ‘’Get to know and love ballet’ is meant to get elementary school students to become closer with the art of ballet.

Ballet is a performing art that evokes emotions, movements and feelings of players-‘body language’. Unfortunately, it is not sufficiently represented in elementary schools in Canton Sarajevo and beyond.

Given that students are not so familiar with this art, the Center for Culture, under the auspices of the founder, Sarajevo Center municipality and in cooperation with the elementary music school “Mladen Pozajić“,, launched this project so that more students would become visually familiar with this art through educational and training goals, announced the Center for Culture.

(Source: Fena)

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