The UK completely rejects the Claims that Dragicevic is inside the Embassy

“The UK completely rejects the claims that Mr. Dragicevic is inside our embassy or that we are in any way connected with the organization of the Banja Luka protests,” Field said in a Bosnian-language tweet on Tuesday.

On Wednesday evening, a group of citizens, Banja Luka residents, led by Suzana Radanovic, a mother of tragically deceased David Dragicevic, lit candles at the Church of Christ the Savior. She reminded that she has been searching for truth and justice for her son for 283 days and did not know anything about David’s father. The police arrived very quickly, saying the assembly was not approved and that everyone had to go.

Fifteen police officers arrived in the courtyard of the church in the center of Banja Luka, where they urged the assembled citizens to go. Special police were also on standby, and citizens were “broken” into smaller groups.
Immediately before the police arrived, they told them that the gathering was not announced in the police.

Immediately before the police came, Suzana Radanovic briefly gave statement to the media saying that she read news that her former husband Davor Dragicevic is in the British Embassy, and that his attorney in contact with the prosecution.

“I do not know anything about it – he is unavailable – what else I can do – I do not know – I just see that their goal is to get this story off the subject. I no longer want to talk about the police and the torture we are experiencing, we are returning to the beginning because of which we are here, and that is true about the kidnapping and murder of my child, “Suzana told the media.

Protests have grown this month in Banja Luka over authorities’ failure to solve the case of 21-year-old David Dragicevic, whose body was found on a river bank in March. His father, Davor, who has disputed an official finding that his son killed himself, has led rallies calling for Bosnian-Serb leader Milorad Dodik’s interior minister to resign, with thousands of people again taking to the streets.


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