Theater in War Sarajevo 1992 – 1995: The Book of Art Life under the Siege

 The promotion of the new edition of the book “Theater in War Sarajevo 1992 – 1995” by author Davor Diklic was held in the building of the former Sarajevo Theater Sutjeska.

This work represents one of the most important testimonies of intensive theatrical and general artistic life of the besieged Sarajevo.

This is a new edition of the book promoted within the 57th International Theater Festival MESS, which, unlike the first edition, was enriched with English translation, and the biographies of people who shared their memories with Diklic.

Author of the book, Davor Diklic, emphasized that the book has a great importance not only for Sarajevo but abroad as well because there is no “study that would clarify what happened in Sarajevo”.

“These testimonies and what happened in Sarajevo during the war in the field of culture, and especially theater, are a phenomenon with great universal and historical importance. Until now, it never happened that this was transferred to the world, but with English translation it will come in hands of some people in the West and other parts of the world so that, I would even say, learn about what actually happened in Sarajevo and how much culture was important for Sarajevo,” said Diklic.

Nihad Kresevljakovic, the Director of the International Theater Festival, MESS, noted that this book was the most valuable testimony in the war, since Davor Diklic talked with the actors’ right after the siege of Sarajevo.

He noted that the book witnessed that theater and art in general for residents of Sarajevo under the siege were as important as food, water, air…


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