There won’t be the new Round of Negotiations on electoral Reform in BiH?

Despite the announcements of the Prime Minister of Croatia Andrej Plenkovic and the President of HDZ Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Dragan Covic about the opening of a new round of negotiations on electoral reform, European officials are not coming to Sarajevo on that occasion and there will be no new negotiations, Klix.ba writes.

As confirmed, there are no plans in the European Union (EU) administration and Brussels in terms of opening a new round of negotiations on changing the BiH Election Law.

In the upcoming days, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, who intends to discuss lifting blockades of state institutions, but not electoral reform with the officials, should arrive in Sarajevo. Even though there have been some announcements that the President of the European Commission Ursula van der Layen will come to Sarajevo, it seems that her arrival will not be realized.

The member of the Presidency of BiH, Zeljko Komsic, also confirmed that no new negotiations will take place, according to the information available to him.

“As for the ambitions of Zagreb embodied in President Milanovic, Prime Minister Plenkovic, Covic, that now someone will come here again and force someone to open new rounds of negotiations, I would reduce it to the popular quote it is just wishful thinking,” noted Komsic.

To recall, the President of the HDZ BiH explained last Saturday that meetings would be held in the next ten days in order to try to achieve electoral reform once again and that in that sense he talked to representatives of European politicians who allegedly arrived in BiH to prepare a meeting.

He added that the talks were thorough and that Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic also talked to them in Salzburg and Warsaw.

Also, two days ago, Plenkovic announced the arrival of European officials with the aim of resolving the issue of electoral reform.

“As far as I know, the Croatian National Assembly (HNS) has decided to participate in the elections in BiH. We believe that Croats should elect their representatives and that is why we want to do it through dialogue with other countries and allies that are friends of BiH, not through alienation of partners and Bosniaks,” Plenkovic concluded.


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