Three new Factories: Footwear from Novi Travnik for World-Famous Brands

The company “Lubos”, which produces footwear for world famous brands, has opened a new factory in Novi Travnik.

Since they have been operating successfully for many years, there is a need for expansion of production capacities. Lubos currently employs 160 workers and, after opening a new factory by the end of the year, will have a total of 200 employees.

Sedzad Milanovic, the minister of economy of the Central Bosnian Canton, said this is the first of three factories to be opened in Novi Travnik in the next few months.

“Next week, we have the opening of Kavat in the industrial zone and Faik will soon open a new factory, as well. So, when it comes to the footwear industry, three factories will be opened in Novi Travik in a few months,” Milanovic said.

Novi Travnik is becoming a more convenient place for investment every day, and municipal authorities do everything to help investors.

The mayor of the municipality of Novi Travnik, Refik Lendo, said that the opening of this factory is good for the families of workers, but also for all citizens.

“We are trying as a local community to adapt the environment to the investor, not to wait for the administration. I think that we have succeeded in doing this with this company, and especially with Kavat, and that this is a record regarding the shortening of all procedures,” said Lendo.

Amir Zlotrg, the director of Lubos, said that he hoped that the company would achieve good results in the upcoming period and that it would continue its successful work.

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