Three-year old Ema Isic needs our Help!

A three-year-old girl Ema Isic is a 100-percent disabled child with several severe diagnoses that include cerebral paralysis, epilepsy, hypotrophy, and slowed down and disharmonious development.

Little Emma cannot sit and walk, she cannot speak and has problems with feeding because she cannot chew the food on her own.

She needs a special kind of food that is called Frebini and three to four bottles of food a day are required, while one bottle costs about 6 BAM.

Ema also needs physical therapies, with which, according to doctors, she has a great chance to start walking. The price of these therapies is 30 BAM per day and treatment in Fojnica costs 99 BAM, while only one treatment with speech therapist costs 25 BAM.

Ema’s mom Dina, unfortunately, is not working anywhere because her daughter needs her 24 hours a day. She sent an appeal through social networks to everyone who is able to help her pay for Ema’s treatments.

You can help them by calling the humanitarian number 090 292 044 (3 BAM) or through a payment on the bank account: 30603728790201 EMA ISIC ADDICO BANK or for the payments from abroad on the foreign exchange account: BA39102839150400987.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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