Top 10 Business News and Events of the past Week

Who is taking over the Sarajevo company BS Telecom Solutions, where a new plant for the automotive industry will be opened, why employers are announcing a strike… Find the answers to these questions in the regular weekly review of the most important business news and events in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

1. A solar power plant will be built in the south of BiH, an investment of 100 million BAM

EFT Solar Power Plant Bileca and Dongfang Electric International have signed a contract for the design, delivery, and construction of a 60 megawatt-peak Bileca solar power plant. To recall, the total estimated value of the investment for the realization of the project during the concession is 104.361.649 BAM.

2. Employers are announcing a warning strike due to the enormous increase in electricity prices

A meeting of representatives of 13 companies, which are among the largest consumers of electricity in the Federation of BiH (FBiH), was held in Sarajevo.

Having in mind that most companies will not be able to bear the excessive increase in electricity prices, it was agreed at the meeting that a petition be sent to the FBiH Government requesting that the increase in electricity prices for the economy should not exceed 10 percent. Also, it was agreed that a half-hour warning strike would be organized in the companies of FBiH.

3. Wizz Air suspends more than 40 Ex-Yu routes

The low-cost carrier Wizz Air is in the process of temporarily suspending over forty lines from its network from the countries of the former Yugoslavia, with planned new destinations that have been largely delayed.

This comes as a result of weakening demand due to the increase in Covid-19 cases across the continent and fears of a new strain of the omicron virus, as well as the reintroduction of travel restrictions and test requirements.

4. Parts for the automotive industry will be produced in Cazin

About five million marks have been invested in the construction of the Ratkovac Business Zone in Cazin so far, and its main purpose is to attract foreign investments and create new jobs, ” pointed out Nermin Ogresevic, the mayor of Cazin. The realization of another capital project for the automotive industry is expected to begin soon.

5. Acquisition approved: World giant takes over BiH company – BS Telecom Solutions

The BiH Council of Competition has approved Asseco SEE, which is part of the large international IT group Asseco Group, to take over Sarajevo-based company BS Telecom Solutions. This is one of the most important acquisitions in the history of the IT sector in BiH.

The companies turned to the domestic regulator for permission for Asseco to take over the majority stake in BS Telecom Solutions. The Council approved this acquisition.



Source: Biznis Info

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