Top BH Companies with the highest Profit in 2017

The total revenues of the companies in the FBiH amounted to 47.795.676.003,00 BAM, while companies in the RS realized 21.990.185.630 BAM of revenues, which means that the total income in BiH reached a record of 70 billion BAM.

Considering the indicators of ten leading BH companies in the category “TOP income in 2016”, nine of them are from the FBiH, and one from the RS.

Last year, the largest income was realized by a state-owned company – Elektroprivreda BiH in a total amount of one billion and 143 million BAM.

In the second place is Bingo company from Tuzla with a revenue that exceeded a billion BAM by 39.8 million BAM.

The third place went to the only company from the RS, Optima Group Ltd. Banja Luka with a total revenue of 855 million BAM, and it is followed by Holdina company with 854 million BAM Premier World Sport Ltd. Citluk with 640 million BAM, ArcelorMittal Ltd. Zenica with 614 million BAM, Konzum Ltd. Sarajevo with 526 million BAM, BH Telecom Ltd. Sarajevo with 517 million BAM, and Aluminij Ltd. Mostar with 489 million BAM and BOREAS Ltd. Kresevo with 459 million BAM of revenues.

When it comes to ranking companies within the category “TOP Profit 2017”, at the first place is Bingo company with total profit of 72,4 million BAM.

The second place went to PE Autoceste FBiH with a total of 65.3 million BAM, while the third place went to Tobacco Factory Sarajevo with 64.1 million BAM.


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