The only Medieval Fair in BiH “Stolac tarca” officially opened

The fourth edition of the medieval fair “Stolacka tarca” was opened with a walk of historical groups from Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia and BiH.

Within the two-day event are planned various workshops, including archery, fencing, making pottery, riding, as well as various medieval games for children.

Visitors have the opportunity to taste medieval food and drinks, to take a look at medieval pottery, tools and weapons, and get involved in archery and fencing disciplines. They will also have the opportunity to take a look at traditional dances and listen to lectures about medieval devices for torture.

“Stolacka tarca” attracted great interest of both domestic and foreign visitors, and organizers expect more than 5 000 visitors during the two days of the fair.

Also, two presentations of medieval battles – “Battle for Herczeg’s City” on Friday night and “Battle of Two Towers” on Saturday took place.

Otherwise, “tarca” is the name for a certain type of shield, usually rectangular in shape, which was recorded in Europe in the 13th century. It was mostly used by knights in battles, and later, at tournaments.

Those shields, mostly combined with the sword, are among the most common motifs on stecak tombstones in Herzegovina, and thus they can be found on several stecak necropolises in Stolac as well.

(Source: klix.ba)



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