Tourist Offers to Destinations in Sarajevo in One Place

sarajevo_destinationThe web portal for tourist destinations in Sarajevo, on the site www.destinationsarajevo.com was promoted in Sarajevo. For the first time, the portal combines offers of Canton Sarajevo and East Sarajevo, making Sarajevo not only an attractive urban destination but also a desirable haven for nature lovers seeking relaxation.

In addition to aspiring to be the first website for tourists on the way to learning about destinations in Sarajevo and the address from which they will be able to reserve accommodation, tours, tickets for events and visits to attractions in the future. In addition to key tourist information, it will also contain fascinating stories, great photos and sound recommendations.

‘’Destination Sarajevo as a whole has huge potential, which the private sector already recognized, as evidenced by the numerous investments in facilities for tourists. In the upcoming period, more has to be done to promote destinations, and the launch of this portal is one of the first steps on this path. Because, trends suggest that tourists are increasingly using the Internet not only to get information on destinations they travel to, but to buy everything that one destination can afford them at favorable prices. Portal Destination Sarajevo aspires to become just this in the future-a place that promotes and sells all that is offered by Destination Sarajevo’’, said Nedim Lipa, member of the Board of the Foundation of Sarajevo Navigator. He stressed that the work of adding useful tools and filling the web portal would provide high quality content in the future.

Director of the Swedish Agency for International Development and Cooperation (SIDA) Pelle Persson expressed satisfaction with the launch of the portal for tourist destinations Sarajevo and noted the number of quality destinations offered, especially the hospitality that has placed Sarajevo in eight place on the list of the World Economic Forum.

(Source: klix.ba)

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