Trains headed towards Capljina again, Merger with Banja Luka soon

talgo-trainsFrom October 5, 2015, the suspension of communication of the passenger train from Sarajevo to Capljina was in force due to works on the repair of main railway 11 Sarajevo – Capljina. On the occasion of the re-establishment of regular traffic, yesterday was prepared farewell ceremony of trains that are driving to Capljina and Konjic at the railway station in Sarajevo.

Prime Minister of the FBiH Fadil Novalic recalled that when he called the World Bank to come and analyze the Railways of the FBiH, they said then that it was one of the best companies among all railways in the territory of Southeast Europe.

“I asked them what is the foundation for that statement. They noted that our railways transport a total of nine million tons, which is the same amount as railways of Croatia. However, the support that we give to our railways is just 22 million BAM, while for Croatian railways is allocated somewhere around 200 million EUR. They said that we should be satisfied for that,” stated Novalic.

He added that he wishes to leave the railways in complete harmony and not depending on anyone during this mandate. According to him, that would require a somewhat more generous support from the budget.

Novalic also added that from railways was expected a lot, and given a little n the last period. The Government of FBiH, as he noted, changed the strategy of transport and communications, and they believe that railways have a lot more capacities to connect people all over the country.

The Director General of the Railways of the FBiH Enis Dzafic said that besides the line Sarajevo-Capljina-Sarajevo, the introduction of line Sarajevo-Banja Luka should take place very soon.




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