TRT donated Equipment worth 500,000 EUR to BHRT

TRTTurkish Radio and Television (TRT) handed over the modern broadcasting van and equipment for the digital studio of Radio-Television of BiH (BHRT) in the amount of 500,000 EUR.

According to leading people of BHRT, this equipment will significantly improve the production and broadcasting of BHRT.

“It includes the complete equipment for a digital studio and fully equipped broadcasting van that will allow us to do broadcasting and program outside the building of BHRT. It is a very valuable donation, the digital equipment that BHRT, in the situation in which it currently is, would not be able to ensure due to lack of funding,” said General Director of BHRT, Belmin Karamehmedovic.

According to him, this donation most certainly strengthened relationship between BHRT and TRT, which has been at a high level in previous years.

“It is a van that has a full eight camera chains with the possibility of further extension. With them, we can do all kinds of sports broadcasting, ‘live’ events, concerts, openings and manifestations and produce a signal in digital form, which we can send to the world equally as all Eurovision members”, said Assistant of the Director General of BHRT, Dzenita Jusufbegovic.

As BHRT reported according to her, besides broadcasting van, TRT donated equipment for one entire digital studio.

“It is equipment of the news study, also in 16/9 format with complete system, the most modern audio and video mixers, servers and other equipment. Value of complete donation is about 500,000 EUR. This equipment is very important for the further development of BHRT because it is commonly known that BHRT produced an analog signal so far. It digitalized production capacity last year with its own help, however, only inside the building. The weakness of BHRT was that it did not have enough money to digitalize the broadcasting van, and its own information and data center,” stated Jusufbegovic.

She said that the donation is very significant and that it will help BHRT to improve its production and broadcasting.

From BHRT noted that testing and installation of equipment is currently taking place, and according to Jusufbegovic, it will be in use in at least 15 to 20 days and that BHRT had three broadcasting vans, two of which are fully analog, and one half-digital.

(Source: klix.ba)

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