Tuzla Airport to introduce new Lines soon?

This year, two new lines will be established at the International Airport in Tuzla, and negotiations with Wizz Air are currently taking place. On the other side, the cooperation with Flydubai has not been officially established yet, due to certain issues.

Last year, the International Airport Tuzla served a total of 535,000 passengers, which was by 32 % more than expected.

An increase in the number of passengers is planned for the year of 2018 as well, and two new lines will be established with the aim to offer even larger service in the future period.

Tuzla Airport is already conducting negotiations with Flydubai, but cooperation has not been officially established due to problems with visa regime between BiH and the United Arab Emirates.

Karasalihovic, the director of the airport, noted that they expect 600,000 passengers this year, and the improvement of their services will be contributed by the realization of the expansion of the passenger terminal.

The Director of Tuzla Airport also added that works on the expansion are taking place in accordance with the predicted dynamics, and everything should be finalized by the month of May.

The finalization of the construction of a customs warehouse for aviation fuel is planned for this year as well.

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