Tuzla Municipality and Pannonian on Site of UN World Tourism (UNWTO)

panonska_jezeraAfter the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) awarded municipality Tuzla the second award ‘Odyssey 2012’ for innovation in public policy and management for the project ‘Valuation of Natural Heritage-Pannonian Salt Lakes Tuzla’, the Pannonian lakes and municipality Tuzla were presented on the official website of the World Tourism Organization.

Municipality Tuzla and the Pannonian Lakes were presented on the UNWTO website, as part of the pages ‘Knowledge Network’ http://know.unwto.org/content/pannonian-salt-lakes-tuzla-municipality-tuzla:

‘’Municipality Tuzla has turned the wild accumulation of salt waters in the biggest artificial salt lake in Europe, the Pannonian Lake, which during the summer period creates a Mediterranean atmosphere in the city. Tuzla became the only city in the world in which salt lakes, salty waterfalls and beaches are located in the center of the city. The former industrial zone of Tuzla is now turned into a successful tourist complex in B&H and the biggest competititve advantage of Tuzla, which transformed the image of the city and gathered around 40.000 visitors in 2012’’.

The text finished with a statement by the mayor of municipality Tuzla Jasmin Imamović: Being a finalist for the UNWTO award for the project Pannonian salt lake presents a confirmation for us to the use of natural heritage to develop tourism and improve the living conditions of the citizens of Tuzla’’.

(Source: tuzla.ba)

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