Tuzla Saltern starts exporting to Qatar

The Economic Delegation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), led by the President of the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH, Ahmet Egrlic, visited the State of Qatar during the official visit of the Delegation of the BiH Council of Ministers (CoM), led by Chairman Denis Zvizdic.

On the first day of the stay, visit to a company “Qatari Diar”, the largest real estate company, and a visit to “Lusail City”, which was under construction, were organized for the BH companies. The central facility of this town will be the “Lusail Iconic Stadium”, which will have a capacity of 86.250. This stadium will host the opening and final match of the World Championship in 2022. On this occasion, we note that one BH company with its 200 employees has already been engaged in the construction of one of the stadiums intended for the World Championship hosting, and it is negotiated on a new project which would engage an additional number of workers from BiH.

The businessmen held a meeting with representatives of the Qatar Employers’ Association, following the announcement of a visit of Qatar businessmen to BiH.

Already on the first day of the visit, numerous contacts were made, and concrete cooperation was established. “AS Holding” signed a protocol for the sale of Tuzla’s salt, and also products of “Klas” and “Vispak”. The fact that there are already some BH products on the shelves of the Qatar markets is particularly exciting.

The Delegation is composed of nine representatives from the fields of construction, food industry, furniture industry, drug production, and tourism.

The Delegation of the BiH CoM, besides the Chairman Zvizdic, is consisted of: Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH – Mirko Sarovic, Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH – Igor Crnadak, Minister of Civil Affairs of BiH – Adil Osmanovic, and Minister of Communication and Transport of BiH – Ismir Jusko. The director of the Agency for Promotion of Foreign Investment of BiH – Gordan Milinic is also a part of the delegation.



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