Twelve Suspects on the War Crimes in Prijedor Arrested

PrijedorBy order of the BiH Prosecutor’s Office, an operation was carried out which involved dozens of police officers of SIPA working under the orders of the Prosecutor’s Office in which 12 persons have been arrested suspected of war crimes committed in 1992 against Bosniaks in Prijedor municipality.

The Prosecution has announced that it is a case that falls under the category of the most complex cases in the framework of the National Strategy for War Crimes.

These suspects have been under investigation because they are suspected that during the period from 23 to 28 July 1992, as part of a widespread and systematic attack by the army and police against the Bosniak population of the village of Zecovi, Prijedor municipality, as the commander and members of the RS Army and the police, as well as officials of the Crisis Staff, they knowingly and substantially participated in the joint criminal enterprise.

The suspects are charged with murder, torture, rape and other forms of torture, looting and destruction of property of Bosniaks in the village Zecovi, Prijedor municipality, as the crimes that were committed in the context of persecution of the Bosniak population from the village Zecovi.

“More than 150 people were killed in this attack and large number of bodies of those killed were found last year in the mass grave Tomašica while dozens of victims are still being searched for,” said the state prosecution.

Persons deprived of liberty are being investigated for murder of 29 women and children in the village Zecovi in Gradina on 25 July 1992, after which the bodies of the dead were removed and thrown into a mass grave which is yet to be located.

They are suspected of having committed crimes against humanity pursuant to Article 172 of the Criminal Code of BiH.

After the arrest, the suspects shall within legal deadline, be handed over to the prosecutor in charge, who will interview the suspects and then make a decision on a motion for custody.

Along with the arrests, raids were carried out at several locations in search of evidence related to the said suspects.

During the search the police found significant amount of weapons and military equipment and other items that may serve as evidence in the course of further investigation.

In this case, 18 people have been suspected of war crimes and the police forces arrested: Milunić Dušan aka „Bizon“, 2. Stojnić Radomir aka „Grom“ 3. Četić Radovan aka „Rade“, 4. Stojnić Zoran 5. Grbić Željko aka “Mali Cule”, 6. Zorić Ilija 7. Milunić Zoran 8. Grujičić Boško 9. Grujčić Rade 10. Grujčić Uroš 11. Grbić Rajko aka „Patak“ an 12. Gnjatović Rajko aka „Aćim“.

An international arrest warrants will be issued for three persons that have been outside the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina for a longer period of time, while one person will be brought to Foča penitentiary during the day.

“For the second person who was supposed to be taken from Zenica penitentiary the FBiH Minister of Justice Zoran Mikulic has not issued the necessary approval for the execution thus he committed obstruction of justice and influenced the investigation against these persons,” it is said in the statement.

Intensive investigation continues in this case, and it is expected to extend the investigation to a larger number of persons, on which the public will be duly informed, said the State Prosecution.


(Source: Vijesti)

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