Twelve Women murdered in Bosnia and Herzegovina


In the past 12 months, according to data from non-governmental organizations dealing with gender-based violence, there have been 12 murders of women in BiH in which the perpetrator is the spouse or partner of the victim, psychologist Amela Basic said in Prijedor on Friday.

“In all cases, victims have previously reported violence to institutions,” Basic said during a seminar on specifics in therapeutic work with victims of sexual violence.

According to Besic, violence is becoming more perfidious, so campaigns against violence need to change.

“The role of the media is great. Last year, after one case of a murder in Banja Luka, which was reported by the media, very soon, three new victims of violence were admitted to the Safe House in that city,” Basic said.

Psychologist Dijana Djuric emphasized that violence is not a family problem, but a psychosocial problem, both in terms of its origin and in ways of solving it, and that there are no biological or psychological characteristics that would predispose a person to violent behavior.

“Violence is physical, psychological, economic, sexual and passive, and with violence comes the use of male privileges, abuse of children, exposure to guilt, isolation, emotional abuse, intimidation, surveillance and threats,” said Duric, Klix.ba news portal reports.

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