Two Despot Combat Armoured Vehicles to arrive in Republika Srpska Entity Today

The Republika Srpska (RS) Ministry of Interior has initiated the procurement of three multipurpose helicopters and ordered eight domestic-made Despot combat armored vehicles.

According to the website of the specialist for the state of security, www.balkansec.net, the first two armored combat vehicles “Despot”, out of a total of eight ordered, will arrive today.

This is the first armored vehicle of the private company “Technical Overhaul” from Bratunac, and the RS Government supported the order of serial production of these vehicles at a session on July 18th.

The RS government has approved a plan to purchase three helicopters for the purpose of the police, and it is planned to spend approximately 42.163 million BAM for this purpose.

(Source: Patria News Agency, Photo: Dejan Božić/balkansec.net)

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