Two exhibitions are being prepared in Historical Museum of BiH

Curators of the Historical Museum BiH are preparing two exhibitions that will be available to public in the period to come, said the adviser of the Museum Elma Hašimbegović to FENA and added that the first exhibition will be open in late January, and the Museum will exhibit its numismatic collection.

Author of that exhibition is Amar Karakuš, who’ll present a selection of nine medieval coins; money from 14th to 15th century which is in possession of the Museum. Hašimbagović noted that the exhibition is also a sort of a story of medieval Bosnia, because those coins are coins of Bosnian bans and kings, from ban Stephen II to the last king of Bosnia Stephen Tomašević.

Second exhibition is dedicated to revenue stamps, which is a rare collection, and Historical museum has the unique collection of these stamps.

Commission for Preservation of National Monuments had recently proclaimed the building of Historical Museum of BiH as a national monument, and on the occasion in early February a round table will be organised. Architects and students of the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo are invited and they will sign an official cooperation agreement with the Museum.

Hašimbegović said that the Museum will protect its movable heritage, and they will choose those exhibits that are very valuable and very important for BiH cultural heritage and they will be protected.

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