Two Months since the Opening : More than 8,000 Visitors

Visits to National Museum abc.baOn this date two months ago, planks were taken off the doors of the National Museum, after which this oldest and most significant modern scientific and cultural-historical institution in B&H was reopened for public, following three years of being closed.

Closing of the museum was a result of poor financial situation caused by the lack of interest with the relevant ones. The museum started writing nicer history after a voice of reason, headed by the Minister of Civil Affairs Adil Osmanović, appeared in those circles. The campaign “I am Museum”, organized by the Association “Akcija” from Sarajevo, also contributed to the opening of the Museum.

There is great interest and the Museum has been visited by more than 8,000 people since the opening of the museum two months ago. Good news is that we also got heating, and these days we are hoping for a new Steering Committee which will then appoint the new director of the Museum. We expect the things to keep normalizing,” said the Director of the National Museum Adnan Buduladžić, who resigned, but committed to serve until new director is appointed.

The team of the National Museum is also preparing a natural exhibition which will, Busuladžić claims, be at the world level.

(Source: photo abc)

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