Two Religious Leaders visited Places where Bosniaks and Serbs were killed in 1941

The Bishop of Zahumlje-Herzegovina and Primorje, Dimitrije and Mufti of Mostar Salem-ef. Dedovic, with delegations, visited the Cavkarica pit and the Koric pit, the places where Bosniaks and Serbs were killed in 1941.

The delegations expressed their sympathy with all the victims of crimes in Herzegovina by praying and laying flowers. At the places of suffering, the parish priest from Bileca read a joint statement for the public signed by the Mufti of Mostar, Salem-ef. Dedovic and the Bishop of Zahumlje-Herzegovina and Primorje Mr. Dimitrije.

“All victims of crime deserve religious and human compassion, a dignified burial and earthly calm. By visiting the places where horrific crimes were committed in Eastern Herzegovina, we pay tribute to the victims, but also point out the insane concepts and policies that took many innocent lives, leaving devastation behind, and hatred and intolerance to future generations, as generators of new conflicts. With this joint step we want to point out that the places of committing grave crimes against man, no matter what nation or religion he was, strongly warn us that this is the grossest attack on God’s Law, because it is a desecration of the life that belongs to God and to which He is the Creator. This joint visit to the places where life and hope for the future of our beloved country were killed is realized with the pure intention to make young generations aware and encourage them to live in peace, respect and tolerance with members of other nations and religions with whom they share a common space and destiny. diversity,” is stated in the statement.

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