Uber interested to expand its Business in Sarajevo?

uberCompany Uber is interested in expansion of its business in Sarajevo, but for now there are no concrete plans to enter BH market, learned Fokus.ba.

This information was confirmed by Alexandra Corolea, spokeswoman of Uber for the Balkan region.

To recall, Minister of Transport of Canton Sarajevo, Mujo Fiso, recently said that currently arrival of Uber in Sarajevo cannot be allowed “by the system someone will transport you” because it is not in accordance with the legislation.

“Transport of individuals in road traffic can be performed only by a licensed taxi drivers. For the performance of taxi transportation in Sarajevo Canton without additional taxi marks are prescribed fines and confiscation of vehicles for repeated offense,” said Fiso.

However, Uber has managed to expand its business worldwide despite legislation that did not initially favored them and the opposition of taxi drivers in a number of cities.

“We are always trying to expand our business in other cities. We want transport to be reliable as a water supply system, to be available in every part of the city, “said Corolea.

A spokeswoman for Uber in Balkans added that the company is currently present in 450 cities in 80 countries.

The company currently operates in neighboring Croatia where they recently introduced the option of paying cash rather than just credit cards. Uber is now available in Zagreb, Zadar, Dubrovnik and Split.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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