UCC RS: Oxygen used is not harmful to Patients

Regarding the allegations of the mayor of Banja Luka, Drasko Stanivukovic, that oxygen is used at the University Clinical Center of RS without a license and certificate, the management of the UCC sent a press release.

“Oxygen given to patients at the University Clinical Center of Republika Srpska is not harmful to patients’ health and complies with all necessary regulations, it is the same as oxygen used in all hospitals in the region and Europe, and patients have no reason to fear. certificate, “the statement said.

They add that since the existence of the UCC RS, the same oxygen has been used, and there are no claims or insinuations about its use during the coronavirus pandemic.

“That oxygen is used in the treatment of absolutely all patients who, unfortunately, sometimes need it. When the UCC of Republika Srpska announced a tender, in accordance with the required documentation, we received a decision from the BiH Medicines Agency that the bidder has a solution to trade medical oxygen, whose composition is 99.5 percent oxygen. All our patients receive such oxygen and thousands of patients have been cured with such oxygen here, “the statement said.

They note that there is no reason to fear that oxygen is not and cannot be harmful to the patient’s health.

“We note that spreading lies, untruths, fear and panic among the population of Banja Luka and the entire Republika Srpska, especially among patients and their families, is very dangerous. We warn all those who, for reasons known only to them, are trying to create an affair, only contribute greater fear of patients and families for their health, which greatly retaliates against our doctors and medical staff in the fight for their health, “the statement said.

They add that health workers do their best to save every life during a pandemic, oxygen plays a big role in that because today only about 200 people in the UCC RS are on oxygen support.

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