Unaland – The Land of Water Magic (video)

The National Park “Una”, in cooperation with its partners from the Association “Dunavska mreza” from Zagreb, is promoting the National Park and all the beauty of that part of BiH, and presenting the project “Unaland – the Land of Water Magic” as a result of long and good cooperation between partners from Croatia and BiH on preparation of EU projects in different areas.

“Unaland – the Land of Water Magic” represents a long-term project that is aimed to gather all the forces that want to create a better life for people that are connected by Una River,” as stated from NP “Una”.

This national park is planning to design the contents on every kilometer of Una River and  transform this space into a real antistress oasis intended for relaxation and recreation, and all of that with the aim to improve the entire tourist offer of Una basin from its spring, as well as the recognizability of “Una continental riviera” on tourist markets in the region and all around the world.

Besides branding of this area, the aim of this project is the identification, extension, and interconnection of the overall tourist offer of the Una River basin, where the National Park “Una” will be the carrier of the overall tourist offer of this area as a unique and protected area.

”The National Park “Una” grew out of enthusiasm and became a real economic institution and a guardian of the upper flow of Una River. It is the only institution that can respond to the challenges of conservation and sustainable development in the future, and Una River, which is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, is not just a river, it is a story about life in a beautiful land of water magic,” as emphasized from the Managing Board of this national park.


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