Unconditional Support of Austria to European Path of BiH

Ana_Trisic_BabicThe Deputy Minister of BiH Foreign Affairs Ana Trišić-Babić met today with the General Secretary of the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs of Austria Johanes Kirle in Vienna.

Deputy Minister Ana Trišić-Babić spoke to General Secretary Kirle during the working meeting on the current political situation in BiH and activities related to European integration.

She said that BiH political parties have to continue dialogue on finding appropriate solutions to resolve the ruling at the European Court for Human Rights in the case of “Sejdić-Finci”, because BiH has to turn towards the future and catch up with countries in the region. This is especially true when Croatia becomes an EU member state, which we should see to our advantage and use it in the right way. 2013 is a key year, not only for BiH, but for all countries in the region that wish for progress and a better future for their citizens.

General Secretary Kirle said that BiH has the full support of Austria for its EU path, because BiH is a strategically and geographically very important country and deserves to be a part of the European family. General Secretary Kirle expressed particular interest in how relations between BiH and Croatia are regulated when it comes to import and export of goods and how disputed issues are resolved.

The BiH Delegation led by Minister Trišić-Babić spoke to General Secretary Kirle about the details of the negotiations conducted between BiH, Croatia and the European Commission. She said that there are outstanding issues for which a solution must be found. Thus, negotiations will continue on 29 April where a new trilateral meeting is scheduled. Croatia sent a request to member states of the EU for BiH citizens to retain the right to cross the border with their ID cards after 1 July 2013.

The Austrian Delegation said that it would support Croatia’s request and give support to BIH and its citizens to cross the border with their ID cards. Delegations on both sides expressed good cooperation between the two Ministries, agreeing that cooperation and regional initiative has to intensify, especially in the framework of the EU strategy for development of the Dunava region (EUSDR) and the Central Initiative (CEI), which Austria is presiding over starting next year.

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