Tour operators from the region on three-day promotion of Sarajevo cultural heritage

Sarajevo-viewThree day promotion of cultural and historical heritage of Sarajevo, as a new tourist product created as a part of the project ‘Sarajevo at the crossroad of the World’ started today with the tour of Baščaršija, and during the day, the visit to five museums is planned and a tour of Bosniak Institute.

The project is financed by the EU, and ‘Mozaik’ Foundation will present to International tour operators that connect objects of cultural and historical heritage and tell stories of Sarajevo.

The aim of the promotion is to put Sarajevo on tourist markets, primarily to region countries.

‘The tour is for tour operators from Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Serbia because we think it is realistic, those are the people who can come to Sarajevo. It is realistic that we allocate 50 EUR and leave for a weekend to Croatia and Serbia, but it is unrealistic that person from region can allocate 2000 EUR’ ,said program-manager in ‘Mozaik’ Foundation Edin Bajramović.

The aim of the presentation of cultural-historical heritage to international tourist agencies is to put Sarajevo on their tourist offer.

Statistical data show that tourist in Sarajevo make more than 500 000 over-night stays. Visits and tours are usually done in 24 hours.

Manager of Tourism consulting ‘Futurizam’ fron Novi Sad Miloš Ćuvurija said that tourists that visit Sarajevo and its landmarks promote Sarajevo when they return home.

‘It is our aim to make cultural heritage a part of tourist product so it could be placed on market. People from the Balkans need to be reminded on Sarajevo Culture, and then to move on European and other guests’, said Ćuvurija.

Tomorrow they’ll tour the city and visit Historical museum, Bijela Tabija and Tunel Spasa.

On Saturday, they’ll visit Museum ‘Ars Aevi’, Academy of Fine Arts and National Theatre.

‘The entire project is planned to raise tourist standards in Sarajevo and to make tourist organizations see ways of attracting tourists’, said Bajramović.

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