Unjustified optimism of the new parliamentary majority in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Opposition and political analysts consider how there is no reason for optimism of the new parliamentary majority because after the meeting in Mostar, it was not stated in what way it was decided  to put into action the verdict on  the Sejdić- Finci case.

The leaders of the political parties of the parliamentary majority, namely the leaders of SNDS, SDP B&H, HDZ B&H, HDZ 1990, SDS and SBB did reach an agreement, on the meeting in Mostar, about the principles but not on the modalities of the solutions of key political issues.

This is why the President of PDP Mladen Ivanić does not share the same optimism of the ruling ”six”: ” They did not settle on anything in Mostar. It has been talked for months about the Sejdić- Finci case, let’s say even years. The ruling ”six” will certainly agree on the economical motives, borrowing needs and other things but I think there is not one element they agreed on concerning the Sejdić- Finci case.”

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