US Embassy urges BiH parliamentarians to pass a law banning Genocide Denial

The United States Embassy today called on the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina to comply with a request from High Representative Christian Schmidt, who sent a letter to parliamentarians asking them to pass a law sanctioning genocide denial so that the previously imposed law could be annulled.

“We urge the Parliamentary Assembly to heed High Representative Schmidt’s call to action on Criminal Code amendments that meet standards for BiH’s EU path and on reconciliation,” stated the US Embassy.

The United States strongly supports working through the BiH institutions to reach an agreement on issues affecting BiH citizens.

“Denying genocide and war crimes and glorifying war criminals insults the victims and their families and keeps BiH mired in a divisive past while acknowledging individual responsibility contributes to mutual trust.

Establishing an institutionalized process for reconciliation and urgently addressing the lack of transitional justice will help ensure that all victims are granted the respect that they deserve, it is stated from the Embassy of United States in BiH.

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