US Government Donated Equipment to B&H Indirect Taxation Authority and Border Police Today

oprema_donacijaThe Acting Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy to B&H Thomas Mesa handed over a donation today of the Program of control of exports and border security of the Bureau for International Security of the US government (EXBS) to the B&H Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) and the B&H Border Police.

The donation is worth 553.510 US dollars and consists of five vehicles that use mobile teams of ITA to prevent smuggling, the latest X-ray machines that will be used at the Sarajevo airport, a system for searching vehicles and other valuable equipment that will enable the detection, interception and seizure of weapons of mass destruction.

During the award ceremony of this valuable donation, it was said that the US government, since the formation of the ITA and the Border Police it has continued to lend support in strengthening the operation and development of these agencies through a number of valuable donations of specialist and advanced trainings, and in the last period through EXBS programs to these agencies vehicles and computers were donated.

Acting Deputy Chief of Mission Mesa said today that the program of control of exports and border security (EXBS) has been active in B&H since 2005 and was designed to help strengthen the capacity of institutions for the implementation of the law in their work in improving the control of arms exports and improving the security of citizens.

(Source: Fena)

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