US State Department comments on BH General Elections

The United States commends the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina for their participation in the general elections on October 7. Our two countries maintain a lasting friendship and we remain committed to the goal of a stable and prosperous Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The United States shares concerns about the electoral process, as expressed by the OSCE election observer mission, international observation teams, and local NGOs. These include concerns over accuracy of voter registration rolls, impartiality of election observers, equitable access to media, and misuse of public resources. Such concerns are at odds with Bosnian authorities’ stated commitment to a fully fair and transparent election, and we encourage Bosnian institutions to address shortcomings raised by the OSCE observers. We expect all stakeholders and citizens to pursue any grievances through established legal channels, and we encourage all political leaders to be magnanimous in victory and gracious in defeat.

The United States remains committed to partnering with the citizens and government of Bosnia and Herzegovina as they work towards comprehensive electoral, political, social, and economic reforms.

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