USA: Bosnian Fair, held in Waterloo, gathered 3,000 People

Bosnians from the area of Cedar Valley and all across the United States gathered this weekend to celebrate their culture with traditional dance, music, and football.

Krajiski Teferic (Fair) is marking its 20 years jubilee and it returned to Waterloo, the US state of Iowa, for the first time since 1999.

Waterloo together with Chicago, St. Louis, Utica, New York, Detroit, and Fort Wayne in Indiana, is making a group of cities that are hosts of this fair.

The event is named after the region in northwestern BiH called Krajina, and many Bosnians who live in Waterloo, are calling this place their home, as reported by Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courierer.

“Around 3,000 people participated in the event that took place on Friday and Saturday,” said organizer of this event, Zulfeta Rizvic.

The fair was continued on Saturday at Cedar Valley Stadium where the football tournament took place. The fair was ended on Saturday night with a party at the Five Sullivan Brothers congress center.

“We came here for our culture,” said Elvis Cejvanovic from Waterloo, and added that it is important for their children to know everything about traditional Bosnian culture.

As a refugee from BiH, who came to the United States, Seherzada Dzebic stated that this annual gathering is important for all the participants.

“This is the best way for Bosnians to gather in America,” said this resident of Waterloo, adding that it is also a great opportunity to watch football matches at the tournament.

Sanja Mujkic from Waterloo noted that “Krajiski Teferic” is a beautiful manifestation because of our heritage.

“There are thousands of people here and we are all like one,” concluded Zulfeta Rizvic.

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