Vedad Ibiševic provided Iftar for 6 000 Participants of this Year’s Peace March?

Vedad Ibišević novovrijeme.baVedad Ibišević, the national football team player of Bosnia and Herzegovina, will organize Iftar for all the participants of this year’s Peace March.

Vedo has been inquiring about the way in which he can offer help for this year’s commemoration of the victims of the genocide in Srebrenica; it was said from the Subcommittee for the organization of the Peace March.

‘’This morning we had the final meeting in the Municipality Sapna, and at that meeting it was confirmed that Vedad Ibišević will participate in the organization of Iftar for all the participants of the Peace March who will be fasting. Iftars will be distributed in Liplje, after the completion of the first stage of the Peace March’’, it was announced from the Organizational committee of the Peace March.

Vedad Ibišević was born in Vlasenica, and he has helped his homeland several times already.

Iftar for fasters after the second stage of the Peace March will be organized by the Turkish Municipality Bayrampaşa. They will share 1.500 Iftars in Mravinjci, and the Municipality Bayrampaşa will also distribute 2.500 Iftars in Potočari after the third stage of the Peace March.

The applications for the Peace March are still in progress, and the organizers are expecting at least 10.000 participants at this year’s Peace March.

(Source: klix.ba)

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