Students from Bosnia won Eighteen Medals at International Competition

Students from Richmond Park International Primary School in Sarajevo won 15 individual and three team medals at this year’s “Owlypia” intellectual competition – “Local Virtual Round”, which was attended by more than 130 students from six countries.

“Owlypia” is an intellectual competition divided into the categories of art and design, economics and business, literature and culture, science and technology and social sciences. The competition has been held for the past five years in the organization “Perceptum Education and Social Enterprise”, which is based in London.

The concept of the competition is designed to be held online – via the Internet, and the situation with the coronavirus pandemic did not affect this year’s competition. Students Luna Krunić, Aiša Sijarić, Farah Žiga, Ajlin Turčinović, Saira Hebibović, Ali Sefo, Omar Khallaf and Jan Arjan Huković competed in three teams in the categories “Owlyns” (ages nine to 11) and “Owlets” ( ages 12 to 14), literature and culture, social sciences and economics and business.

Participants demonstrated outstanding knowledge in these areas, and in skills such as public speaking, debate management and teamwork, the students won five gold, nine silver and one bronze medal.

”During the preparations for this year’s competition, we gained new knowledge, and just competing and getting to know peers from five other countries is more than a great experience that we will remember for a long time. I am glad that the school provided us with all the necessary conditions for participating in the competition and achieving this important result,” said eighth-grade student Luna Krunic.

The mentor of the team, Halida Hrkalović, said that the students of this school, in strong competition from teams from Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Moldova and Kosovo, achieved great success both for the school and for the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Decorated with medals, the students of Richmond Park International Elementary School say that they bring positive experiences from the competition, and announce that they will continue their work in the next period in order to be as ready as possible for the upcoming global competition, “Global Virtual Round”, which will be held in July this year.

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