Vegafruit Brands on the US Market?

Company Swity Ltd. which is engaged in the processing of fruits and vegetables continues to record a success in foreign markets. Yesterday, the first two containers intended for the market of the United States were delivered from Visoko out of a total of five containers that were scheduled for delivery by the end of this month. In the first contingent, about 100 tons of finished products from the production programs of Vegy and Fruby jams will be delivered on the US market.

Besides the US market, Swity Ltd. already contracted significant quantities of products for the EU, regional countries, and Australia. The first deliveries to the aforementioned markets will start in September.

“About a year ago, we managed to bring our brands back to shelves after restarting the production. Now, we expect two to three times higher exports this year than in 2016. We are particularly happy that the extremely demanding markets such as the EU and the US have recognized the quality of our products,” said Haris Salihbasic, director of Swity Ltd., the company from Gradacac.

After the production of plants was stopped, they invested in the restarting of the production, which saved a lot of workplaces. Currently, about 70 workers and their families are living from this factory, as well as several thousand cooperatives. Last year, they purchased about 4,000 tons of fruit and vegetables.

The entire production process takes place in accordance with the original traditional homemade recipe. They are using only fresh fruits and vegetables in the production process with controlled quality. All the juices contain no preservatives and sweeteners because most of the sweeteners that are used in juices placed on our market are not suitable for nutrition and some of them are even banned in the EU.



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