Vidović invited as a Witness and excluded from the Radončić’s Defense Team?

Vasvija Vidović Witness nezavisne.rsThe attorney Vasvija Vidović was excluded from the defense team of the president of the Alliance for Better Future (SBB) and the former minister of security of B&H Fahrudin Radončić due to receiving the status of witness in the process of Radončić before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Vidović highlighted that, in this same way, she was prevented from represent the accused Bilsena Šahman, the unmarried wife of Bakir Dautbašić.

Vidović said that Radončić and Šahman were notified about her being invited to witness, after which they were given a list with suggestions of new attorneys.

“I was not notified about that, which surprises me. The Court notified them that I cannot represent them, given that I was invited as a witness at the main search,” Vidović said.

Vidović added that she knows nothing about and has no connection with the items in Radončić’s and Šahman’s indictments, except for the things they told her.

“The fact is that I represented Radončić regarding his status since the moment his name appeared in the indictment in Kosovo. That was also known to the Prosecutor’s Office of B&H and the Court of B&H; given that I submitted various memorials regarding that and I also appointed an investigator to assist me,” Vidović said.

Vidović said that at the hearing she requested the exemption of all materials gathered by the Prosecutor’s Office of B&H and which represent privileged documentation of the defense that has nothing to do with this case, but with the case being led before the judicial institutions in Kosovo.

“The Prosecutor’s Office of B&H knew that I am an attorney, but I was still invited to shed light on those facts and hand over power of attorney. That’s what I did. My testimony and my actions have nothing to do with the alleged perpetration of criminal offenses that Šahman and Radončić are being charged with, except for the fact that I am their attorney, nor I have witnessed anything,” Vidović said.

Vidović believes this is an unfair and unlawful procedure preventing the preparation of defense of Radončić and Šahman.

“I am profoundly stricken with what happened. I informed the attorney regional and federal chamber and chambers dealing with these activities that lead international projects regarding advocacy and protection of attorneys. I will fight this to the end, because this is not the first time,” Vidović said.

(Source: klix.ba)

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